CultuRama Jamaica – Final reflection

LO4 : Commitment (showing perseverance, resilience and commitment in activities)

Now that CultuRama is finished and we have performed in front of an audience three times I am able to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses during the entire process. As we came closer to the date of the performances, I was quite nervous to perform in front of a large crowd but also excited to showcase the dance we had been working on consistently over the past few weeks.

I think during our practice’s I showed perseverance when I had a lot of work due the next day as I tend to stress when I am overwhelmed with assignments. I had to show perseverance during these practice sessions to make sure I gave full attention to my dance leaders and learn all of the steps thoroughly to prevent mistakes during the actual performance. Along with this, as a group we had to be resilient when we were too tired to attend practice sessions to overcome this difficulty and show that we are committed to the activity.

Commitment to CultuRama was very important to me and I was able to work on my self-motivation to attend every practice session which was offered to us along with the optional weekend sessions as I wanted my dance leaders and myself to be proud of our final outcome during the performance’s. As a team, we managed to motivate each other to strive to improve and refine our steps during each session and attend a majority of the sessions.

Overall, my experience throughout my first CultuRama was very exciting and I’m glad I auditioned for Jamaica as it allowed me to learn about a new culture. Although staying back at school till late can get tiring, Being around people who were passionate about their performances as we were and working together to get ready with our make up and costumes brought unity in our community.

Here are some picture’s from the performance

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