Body Pump (Monday Mornings)

Body pump (monday morning) – Inital reflection
LO1 awareness : (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)

This year, I’ve decided to take part in body pump sessions conducted by a teacher at our school on Monday morning’s before school commences. I have had previous experience with this activity as I have done body pump during physical education classes in previous years, however, I have never taken part in the activity before.

Having the experience is beneficial as I am aware which weights I am comfortable with and can therefore, plan each week whether I want to add more weights to my bars. I would definitely like to increase my weights to 5 kilograms on both sides by the end of the activity which would mean by the end of the grade 11 school year. Being involved in the activity has made me aware of which muscles in my body I need to specifically target as different body pump songs work towards a different body part.

I am looking forward to continuing this activity and tracking my progress with regards to the weights I am able to handle during each session.

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