Drum therapy with MINDS AMK : Process

Drum therapy with MINDS AMK : Process
LO2 Challenge : (Undertaken new challenges)/ New skills

So far, we have visited the centre four times as we have spent certain sessions at school planning for the next visit. Although I have previous experience volunteering at MINDS, I have still found it challenging to communicate with certain clients. As the clients are older than me and a majority of the students volunteering at the centre, It can be difficult to separate the age from how we would usually treat and communicate with people who are elder to us.

During this activity, I have taken risks by putting myself in an environment that I am relatively unfamiliar with. Unlike certain volunteers, we do not receive any intensive training as to how to deal with issues with a client which can make it difficult when we aren’t sure what is bothering them or whether the issues are related to us. In order to overcome these challenges I usually refer to my teacher when I’m having trouble with a client or I would talk to the people who are running and working at the centre.

In the future, I can now approach issues with a more positive attitude as I have some experience dealing with clients. I think I have improved during the activity and allowed myself to get more comfortable with the clients are we regularly meet the same clients weekly. This allows us the form strong relationships and understand the clients more easily. So far I have enjoyed visiting the centre and I look forward to conducting a session where I can run my own activities.

Here are some photos from the last two time’s we visited the centre

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