Piano – Initial reflection

Piano – Initial reflection
LO1 awareness : (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)

I have been receiving piano lessons from a teacher outside of school for the past few months. Previous to this teacher I have taken lessons in piano however I had lost interest in the instrument during a period of my life. About a year ago I realized how much I was starting to resonate with the music I was listening to and had the urge to learn how to play the notes of my favorite songs. I decided to start learning the piano again as I believe it is relaxing and I like playing songs which make me feel happy.

As I have played the piano before, A strength is that I didn’t have to start over from the beginning when I started learning again during the middle of grade 10. I would like to improve my skills by challenging myself with more difficult pieces and taking part in piano exams as I have done this previously. I have struggled with sight reading, therefore, I would also like to work on my skills in this area and hopefully be able to play and learn pieces without the assistance of my teacher.

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