drum therapy with MINDS amk (planning)

LO 3 Initiative : Planning and initiated activities

Last time my service group and I visited MINDS, two of my peers and I were in charge of running the session where we had to decide what the agenda was for the day, lead the group activities and supply the resources to work with. I planned a drawing exercise where we brought in paper with stencils I had printed out and color pencils as another way to bond as a group. The outcome of my planning went quite well as A majority of the people were quite tired that day, therefore, the drumming which we do every session before the planned activities got even more tiring and the drawing/coloring was a nice and relaxing way to collaborate.

As the activity progressed, our plans didn’t really change because it was a pretty simple task to begin with, however, We had to adjust the time we spent on the activities according to people’s energy levels that day. It was difficult to transition from one activity to another smoothly, but we made the transition as easy as possible by assigning one on one time so we could all give full attention to our client. I responded to changes in our plans well and I didn’t get stressed as I knew it would take some time to adjust to a new activity. Overall we all had a lot of fun and it was a fun way to do something which was more creative and diverse at our service.

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