EE day reflection

one thing I’ve learned
Today was EE day where we were given the entire day to work on our Extended essay and have meetings with our supervisor. My goals at the start of the day were to finish my initial reflection, create a detailed outline which would only require connective words and cleaning up when I get to the stage where I can write my essay and to finish the introduction. Today I learnt that even though 4000 words doesn’t seem like a lot, it requires a lot of time to produce a good piece of work. I definitely overestimated how much I could achieve today and was only able to get the outline and initial reflection finished.

what I’m proud of
I’m proud that I was able to meet two out of the three goals I set for myself today and was able to apply my research to the points my subheadings. I thought I would struggle with this since it is a world studies essay and I would need to link the research together. I am also proud that I finally got my initial reflection finished when it was long overdue.

what I’ll be doing next
My next step is to construct my first draft by spending at least an hour per day so that I am not cramming the night before the first 1000 words are due. I will also have another meeting with my supervisor to make sure I am moving in the right direction and prevent writing unnecessary information.

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