LO7 – Ethics (considering the ethical implications of actions)

After participating in this activity for almost a year now, I think I’ve grown to have fulfilling relationships with our clients. We had to consider some ethical implications of visiting them every week, firstly, I had to be respectful with our clients and respect their personal space. This is to make sure that everyone is comfortable around each other and to build a relationship based upon trust. I based my decision making in this activities based on their abilities because I didn’t want anything to be too overwhelming. We did many hands on activities such as drawing. drumming, painting and playing with play-dough so that it was simple but fun.

I was never in conflict with any of my peers in the activity because we all knew that it was our responsibility to be respectful of their abilities while also having a good time. We did not want to treat our clients as though they were different so we would all engage in the games so that we were interactive and building on ways to bond as a team/group. I think participating in this activity has made me more principled because I know that just because people are different, it does not necessarily mean that they are less able to do things but rather that we have different abilities.

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