Drum therapy and games with MINDS AMK – final reflection

LO6 Global value

After attending this activity for a year, we’ve formed relationships and bonds with our clients. This service has highlighted the global issue of the stigmatization with mental disabilities and discrimination. Everyone is guilty to associating certain beliefs with certain groups of people based on what we’ve heard on been told. This is a significant issue because it degrades an entire group of people as lesser when we should all be treated equally and with respect. I think attending this service has had a positive impact on this issue because we treated our clients well and as equal and we engaged in activities which we knew would highlight their abilities.

I think participating in this activity has made me more open-minded and helped me realize that we all have our own abilities which make us unique. Every client in the service had something which they were passionate about – One client loved to drum, another client loved to lead and would always orchestrate the group and another client would love to draw.

I had a lot of fun with Benji in particular who was very talented with his drumming abilities and would usually lead the group. I had a fun time building relationships with our clients throughout the year.

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