Taekwondo – first reflection

LO3 Initiative

Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts where we focus on sparring, kicking and learning patterns to utilize our kicks. I have been doing taekwondo since before grade 11 and am now on a red belt. Since our class has older and younger students, the older students are occasionally asked to lead the class or plan activities. I have had to plan an activity when leading the younger students which is engaging, works on their core and also develops their kicks. Since I knew what I wanted to do beforehand, it made it a lot easier to engage with the students. My plans did not change while the activity was happening but we had to give more breaks since they got tired after a short while. I sometimes find it difficult to handle the younger children because they are always excited and sometimes run around or don’t listen to instructions. I overcame these challenges by making the activities more fun and hiding all other distractions. It is a fun class since we have a mix of games, learning, practice and we are not always focused on the exam but rather the journey of getting there.

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