Project week – Investigation

1. Investigation – finding a group and location and focus

LO1 – Awareness , LO4 – Commitment

Project week is a CAS project and student led trip where we travel with our peers who share similar interests with us and plan a trip somewhere in South East Asia involving at least two elements of CAS (Service, Activity and Creativity/Culture). This was our first school trip without teachers or adult supervision, therefore we had a lot of responsibilities for ourselves and our other group members.

I have had previous experience travelling around South east asia on school trips or with my family, however, I had never travelled without adults. As a group, we decided our roles in planning the trip and I was the media coordinator along with another group member. As a media coordinator, I’m able to apply my knowledge with technology to create a podcast during our trip and the responsibility of taking photos and videos for our trip.

Other than being the media coordinator, we all had responsibilities to show up to every meeting and be aware of developments in the trip. Before the trip, I realized one of my strengths is that I don’t get de-motivated by failures. I realized this since we had initially planned to go to Borneo in Malaysia for tree planting, trekking and a sanctuary. However, after going through three providers for this trip we were told that it would be better to change the plan to Buffalo tours in Bangkok. Although it was slightly disheartening since we put in a lot of effort into the first trip, my group members and I persevered and contacted buffalo tours immediately to work on forming another trip which would also be meaningful to us. I maintained my motivation for this activity when thinking about the end product and how proud I would be of myself and my group members when we are able to form a trip with only a quarter of the planning time left.

Our final plans were to explore Creativity and Activity as our area’s of CAS with temple visits around bangkok, a trek in a forest,a waterfall hike, a 1 day bike tour for 37 km and a cooking class where we are immersing ourself in the culture by cooking a 5 course thai meal.

Below is a photo of my group members and I at lunch discussing our plans for project week. One group member is missing from the photo.

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