Project week – preparation

Preparation ( the planning of the trip- research, itinerary, medical etc)

LO3 planning, LO5 collaboration

Since we had to change our trip, we had less time to put dedicate to our research and planning, therefore we had to put in more effort and make sure when we dedicated time to project week, we were all focused. When planning, I found a cooking class to add to our itinerary since our provider ‘Buffalo Tours’ only helped us organize activities for 4 out of the 5 days we were in Bangkok. I found a cooking class which was the highest rated class in bangkok and contacted them. We also wanted to do a Muay Thai class so I contacted a teacher at school who had been to a class in Bangkok before. However, we decided only to focus on the cooking class since it was 5 courses, took up more than half of the day and we would go over budget.

On our planning document I was in charge of the risk assessment for our trip and the medical information. The risk assessment was a very important aspect of the planning since I had to evaluate everything which could possibly go wrong – not only taking into account the country we are going to but the risks specific to our activities. The medical information was also an important aspect since we needed to have reputable hospitals we could go to within close proximity of the hotel in case anything were to go wrong.

I not only collaborated with our providers, but with my group members through whatsapp groups at home and at school during lunch. We also had to contact our supervisor, we realized a mistake we made the first round when we were planning Borneo is that we didn’t talk to our supervisor enough and may have lead to us being unsuccessful since we were trying to plan the trip without help.

Collaborating with our supervisor, my group members, Ms.Toth the CAS coordinator and Buffalo tours was key in having a successful outcome.

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