Taekwondo – final reflection

LO7 – Ethics

With taekwondo, The taekwondo centre in Singapore hosts exams every three months for us to improve and achieve higher levels. I am currently at the red belt and have had a difficult time balancing school and dedicating enough time to practice for my exams. I’ve faced ethical choices as whether to attend an exam when we are asked whether we will attend since I don’t have as much time anymore. However, I still try to attend as many exams as I can and am motivated by the future and receiving a black belt.

When attending exams we have to follow the rules, wear white shirts underneath our uniform, remove all of our earrings, be on time, Don’t talk and wear our safety guards on our arms and legs. These ethical values have stemmed from the roots of many martial arts and encapsulates the values of the culture in South Korea. I have learnt to follow these rules and to show my respect for the martial arts.

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