Piano grade 12

LO2 : Challenge (undertaking new challenges)/ New skills (developing new skills)

I have decided to continue with piano into grade 12 and continue with the exams. Previously I did the grade 5 trinity rock and pop exam for the piano. However, this year I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and attempt the grade 6 trinity classical piano exam. I have played classical music in the past but decided to switch over to rock and pop as I felt it catered well to my abilities.

After getting comfortable with the piano again I felt I could challenge myself by going back to classical music. I have found it difficult to manage my time with the stress of internal assessments, tests, the extended essay and dedicating time to other areas of my life. However, I have managed to dedicate at least 30 minutes everyday to the piano to ensure that I am well prepared for this exam and don’t have to stress close to the date. I’m excited to continue with this activity and prepare for the exam in June.

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