Piano grade 12 – Final reflection

LO4 commitment : showing perseverance, resilience and commitment in activities

I have shown perseverance in this activity as I consistently practice the piano at home to make sure that I am developing my skills and am well prepared for my next exam next year in june. Although this term has been one of the most challenging and demanding terms so far, I still managed to make time for daily practice.

I maintained motivation for this activity by thinking of the final product and how proud I will be of myself when I don’t have to cram in practice right before the exam. My piano teacher helped me stay on track by setting me deadlines for which parts of the pieces I should be finished with and by when without putting too much pressure on me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed picking up this instrument again and believe it will help me in the future as I can include it as a skill I hold and can practice to relieve stress during exams or in university.

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