Today, we got “jobs”, not the jobs where you get paid though. For our class, we have the Mindful Monday Committee, the Worldly Wednesday Committee, the Fun Friday Committee, Project Manager and Student Voice. In mentor time today (25/08/17), Mrs Twigger told us to write an application for 2 of these jobs. I chose Project Manager and Student Voice because I thought that they were cool opportunities for me to do this year. It turns out, I was the only person to put either one of the two and because of that, Mrs Twigger put me as both the Project manager and the Student Voice.

I am exited and nervous to be both the Project manager and the Student Voice, I am exited because I got what I wanted to do and nervous because even though I wanted and chose to put myself down for project manager and student voice, I am a bit unsociable in class and don’t know my classmates very well. But, one of the reasons i put myself down for both is because the jobs are similar to being a chair of a global concern (GC), which i have been before and another reason was so i could get to know my classmates more too.

– Cara 🙂

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