Global Perspectives: My Thoughts on Videos

In this post, I will be talking about my thoughts on each of these videos:

What type of Asian Are you?

In this video, even though it was a skit, I couldn’t believe that people would actually say things like that in real life. If people do, I feel bad for them. They don’t understand how that makes others feel. 

Don’t ask me where I am from

 In this video,  she explains that countries were invented. When she first introduced the idea, I was confused, I have grown up with countries that are a thing, a place, somewhere that has always been. But, after watching the video, I now 100% agree with her, after thinking about it, I realise that countries are the place that they are today because of the people in it, the people in charge, the citizens of the country, visitors, but these things can change. Looking back on the history, the last 52 years of Singapore, looking at how it has grown from a small not known place to a great community. Therefore, countries were invented/created.

Where is home? 

In this video, Pico Iyer explains that sometimes you don’t know what is home. Thoughout the talk, he made me think about where i think is home. I think that home is where you feel most comfortable, ‘where the heart is’ and where my family is.

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One thought on “Global Perspectives: My Thoughts on Videos

  1. I am pleased that you watched each of the videos and explained the way that they made you think and feel.
    Ms Wilson

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