Digital Perspectives: Rough Draft Design for TEDX

In Digital perspectives, we are making posters/designs for the TEDx conference next year. Today, (Friday 13th October) we started on this. Throughout designing, we needed to take screenshots of our progress. I have put them on the slides below and described why I made the changes.

In class, we went around and looked at others designs. We had to write comments on our peer’s designs. There is a picture of the comments on my design below. (I wrote the top comment – Red) I am going to take these comments into consideration when I add to my design. 

In the last lesson, we looked at different resources that gave us tips for our designs. We put our notes in the slides below. (Gladys was the yellow slides, Eman was the green slides and I was the blue slides) I used some of these tips on the design.

The tips that I used and what I would like to communicate through my design are in the photo below.


– Cara Jackson 9LTw

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