DPERS – TEDX Design Process

Friday 3rd November 2017

Today, in class we watched a TED talk by Jeremy Gilley (https://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_gilley_one_day_of_peace) when we were watching this, We needed to take 3 quotes from the talk. I ended up with 13 quotes.

My favourite 3 quotes were:

  • ‘One drop of colour in water will change everything’
    • I thought that this was a great metaphor for the process of making a day of peace as he talked about how he visited a lot of people about starting this and how his idea (the drop) has affected societies (the water) all around the world.
  • ‘On behalf of the global community’
    • Jeremy Gilley talked about how we all need to work together to make this a reality and how he was doing this project for the future generations of the world and how he was doing this for and ‘on behalf of the global¬†community.’
  • ¬†‘At least the door is open’
    • Throughout the process, Gilley wondered if this was going to succeed and grow but he also thought that if it didn’t the idea was there, ‘the door was open’ for others with the same goal could expand upon and maybe make it a reality.

Here is the link to last classes post, It has the design process to get to the design I started with this lesson.

– Cara Jackon 9LTw

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