English – Writers Fortnight – Steve Dawson


Writers Fortnight – Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson is a professional journalist, tv producer and sports commentator. He is the face of football, mixed martial arts and general sports. Since 2004 he has been an anchor of the premium content at ESPN, Star Sports and Fox Sports. His current roles are the lead anchor for Asia coverage of the Bundesliga, AFC Champions League and AFC Cup. He is also a lead presenter for ONE Championships, Steve has also written 2 sports biographies. 

Since his vast experiences with interviews, today he talked to us about ‘The 5 Maxims For Great Answers.

  1. Ask Open-ended Questions
  2. Set the answer free
  3. Don’t Interrupt
  4. Be a single shooter (don’t ask 2 questions at once)
  5. Listen to the answer (to be able to ask some follow up questions)

He also added that if meeting someone that you look up to or is famous, don’t be a fangirl/boy. So that you stand out from everyone else that they meet. Be professional.

I think that the information/tips that he shared today will be very useful for the future. It was interesting to get tips from a professional and for them to use day to day or their own experiences to reinforce the subject they are trying to teach us about.



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One thought on “English – Writers Fortnight – Steve Dawson

  1. This summary of the talk is accurate; it’s concise, specific, includes the 5 Maxims for a good video. I also think it’s a very positive thing that you tied what he talked about in his speech to how you can use it in future.

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