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Danny Raven Tan – Writers Fortnight

Danny Raven Tan is a Full-time painter and according to him, art makes him happy. In my opinion, he is very inspiring because he survived pancreatic Cancer in 2010. He hasn’t told his mum yet either because he doesn’t want her to worry. His mum has dementia and he wants to spread awareness about dementia and what people can do to help.

When he had cancer, he went under chemotherapy and also went into depression. He was thinking of getting a tattoo to cover up the scar as the scar is a constant reminder of the nightmare, however, a friend told him that the scar should remind him that he survived the nightmare.

He says that ‘Life is to celebrate’ he also said that we will face many challenges in life, but that’s okay, you will come out of it stronger. Personally, I think that Danny is a very inspiring person.


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