English – Writers Fortnight – Marc Nair


Writers Fortnight – Marc Nair

At the second talk of the writers fortnight, Marc Nair talked to us about ‘Writing Against’. In the poems that he read us, they were about speaking out, for example, plastics and problems on the news. However, they weren’t against plastic, etc. they were for the issue. Marc told us how he writes against how he really feels, and how he often finds himself writing against the city or issue of the poem. He told us that ‘We have to find our own voice’. With Marc’s photography, he has a feeling, before an event happens that makes him pick up the camera and get ready for a shot, instead of seeing something, thinking that it could be a nice picture, however, he would be too late and miss the opportunity. He also mentioned that he looks for a small image that contains possibilities¬†of a story

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