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Mukul Deva – Writers Fortnight

Mukul Deva is a successful entrepreneur and has written 16 books. His 1st company is MSD SECURITY PVT LTD, it operates in 70 Indian cities and his 2nd company is INFLUENCE SOLUTIONS PTE LTD, which is a premier learning and development company headquartered in Singapore, it delivers customised solutions to government and MNC organisations in 13 countries. However, he talked to us about ‘The Untold Story’; the steps of writing a book.

First. he briefly talked about himself, how he dropped out of school at 16, then joined the army for 16 and 1/2 years, then set up his 2 companies and wrote his 16 books. His goal is to write a book every year.

He believes that the best way to learn something is to just do it.

A Story Outline/The Science of Writing a Book

Plot: What do you want the plot to be? – Thriller, romance, mystery, etc.

Setting: Time/Place/Period – Future, Past, Present, England, Singapore, etc. (USE MULTIPLE PLACES)

Characters: Different Types of Characters:

  • Point of View Characters (MAX 4)
  • Others, walk in, walk off (waiters, etc.)
  • Off-stage (maybe in flashbacks)

Incidents – Keep reader on edge – defining the character – put point of view character  in Danger/risk/tension/desire

According to Mukul, you put the above into a 2-page outline then break that into chapters (the science of writing a book)

The Art of Writing a Book:

Research – points of view, places, rules and regulations

Validate – after research check outline is logical, check is truthful

Write the story, edit and submit.

Mukul Deva is a visual writer, so he says, he first sees the movie in his head, then transfers that to words on a page. He also says that there is a social message in all his books. He also picks up ideas from ‘real life’, from the news.

‘Gun’s Don’t Solve Problems’ – Mukul Deva

I think that the writing tips that Mukul gave us will be very useful if I or my peers write a book.


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