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Writers Fortnight – Christina Lau

Before the accident, Christina Lau was a very sporty prison officer. She used to think that disabled people needed help, now after the crash she soon realised that they don’t need as much help as people think. In 2005, she was in a car accident in Malaysia, she was unconscious and was in ICU for ten days. She had a C6 spinal cord injury so that her nerves don’t work, she now cant move her fingers and is paralysed from the chest down but she can move her arms. After the accident, Christina went into depression. She didn’t know what she was going to do next and told herself that she was a burden to her family and friends. However, she said to herself to keep trying, to never give up and she kept going to therapy to get back some of her strength in her back so that she could sit up straight. In 2012, she got to know a group of mouth painters and started to learn. She took courses and tried to get a job, however, it was hard because not many companies/shops would hire a disabled person. She then started motivational speaking to kids and audiences.

Her paintings include flowers and landscapes.

In 2015, she started playing table tennis; she says it builds up her confidence.

She also says that speaking to people is crucial because you can make a big difference to that person’s mindset/life.

The quotes she shared were:

‘End is not the end; end means “Effort Never Dies”‘

‘No means Next Opportunity’

‘Fail means First Attempt in Learning’


I think that Christina Lau is a very motivational person, she teaches us to stay strong when life gets tough and to never give up.

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