GPERS – The Girl in the River

The Girl in the River

The Girl in the River is a Documentary made in 2015 about a girl called Saba and her story. In this documentary, we learn about how her father and uncle tried to kill her because she secretly married the one she loved and brought shame to her family. When Saba had to decide whether or not to forgive her father and uncle, it was a matter of whether human rights should be universal or culturally relative.

The ongoing debate on whether human rights should be universal or culturally relative is quite interesting. I believe that human rights should be universal because I think that everyone, everywhere should have the same rights. However, some religions and cultures overlap and overpower the rights that we all should be entitled too. For example, I didn’t think that it was fair that if his family forgive him, a father could kill his daughter and not be sent to jail (In a normal honour killing). This overpowers the human right to a fair trial because of what they believe in that community, and this is common in other places around the world.

I think that Saba’s father and uncle should have stayed in jail because they tried to take her life and that is wrong because they would be taking away her right to live. However, I believe that she did it for a good reason, even though it was at the cost of her own safety and beliefs, both families can live in harmony like it was before the incident.



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