Grade 10 So Far (26th August, Start of Week 3A)

Sunday 26th August 2018

Grade 10 So Far

For the past two weeks, we’ve been getting back into the routine and getting used to the next year of high school. This post is an overview of the things that have happened these past weeks:

Enterprise: For the past two weeks, we have been finishing up on unit 8; Marketing, and have started writing our first drafts for our Coursework Task 2 Essays. In my coursework group, comprised of Akash, Bailey and I, we have been making some decisions to help us in our task 2, and get us on track for the week we are selling our body scrubs (our product).

Maths:  These past two weeks have involved continuing on our Probability Unit, where we have been working on two-way tables and Venn-diagrams. I have personally been trying to be organised with my notes so that when exam time rolls around, I will be much more organised than the end of year exams in Grade 9.

Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics): At the beginning of the year, we started our new chemistry unit; Detective Chemistry and continued (and finished) our biology unit on Human Transport and Exchange. While we were learning about anaerobic respiration in yeast, and Mrs Davies asked me to make and bring in bread for the class to show the after baking effect of the anaerobic respiration (the air pockets in bread). I really enjoyed making the bread, and relating my passion to another class at school. (the other class being Food and Nutrition)

Global Perspectives: This year, we have started our next unit; The Environment. We have been talking about the Tragedy of Commons, The Three Pillars, Coral Reefs and Climate Change Refugees. I am finding this unit quite interesting as it is something I am passionate about. I think that it’s very important and good that the school are teaching us this unit so that we can make a difference to the outcome of this fight with Global Warming and make the world a better place for in the future, so that our kids and grandchildren don’t have to fight it a more severe issue and sort out a messy world that we may leave them.

Food and Nutrition: So far this year, in theory, we have looked at specific diets for pregnant and lactating mothers, and in our practical lessons, we have made choux buns and chocolate brownies, both remakes and practices of recipes we have made before.

Physical Education: In P.E we started on out Court unit, where we spend the first two out of four weeks on one court sport and the other two weeks on a different court sport. We’ve spent the last two weeks on Volleyball; I sport that I enjoy playing in P.E. It was very rewarding to see the difference in how I was playing when I compared the first week to the second week. In the next two weeks in the Court unit, we will be playing badminton, which I am looking forward too.

English: In English, this year we gained a new teacher; Mrs Wiseman, and we also started our Foundational Stories Presentations in pairs. Nadia and I are doing the Story of Cupid and Psyche for ours.

Spanish: In Spanish, we also gained a new teacher; Mrs Lama and we started our next unit, Unit 5, which is about travelling.

Activities and Service: Activities and Service haven’t started yet. However, we did sign up last week. For Activities, I signed up for the High School Masterchef group, continuing from last year, as it helped improve my skills in the kitchen, which is useful for my Food and Nutrition class and I also love being in the kitchen in general. For Service, I signed up for Boomerang Bags as my College Service, and I signed up for Try 4 Cambodia as my first choice for a GC and the Equality Focus Group as my second choice.

Other: This year, in addition to Figure Skating, I have joined the Under 17’s Girls Contact Rugby Team at Tanglin Rugby Club (TRC). It’s a new adventure and challenge, and I am enjoying it much more than I expected. It is also nice to be part of a team because, in figure skating, its an individual sport and I don’t have any friends in the Figure Skating Community, however, I now have a whole team, that need to communicate and work together and its very different and fun. As a team, we also raised over $1000 at a bake sale at the opening of the TRC Clubhouse to pay for a team from Laos to come over to Singapore, to play against us in December. We are also paying for their passports, flights, training gear and accommodations. We are around 1/6 of the way there.


– Cara Jackson, 10LTw

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