06.03.20 – Chapter 5, Home Fire


Chapter 5 of Home Fire, Thoughts on Parvaiz

What we know about Parvaiz  Chapter 5 (page 115)

  • Present-day Parviaz is confident, He has changed his name and rejected his identity. “I am not Parvaiz anymore.”
  • Flashback Parvaiz is insecure, not confident about his abilities, affected by his family’s opinions about him and their expectations. Kind, friendly to others. Relies on sisters greatly
  • He wanted to be close to his father, wants to prove himself to his family, that he can do something. and knowing his father cared for him, it comforts him at this moment where he feels betrayed by his sisters, as they are abandoned.
  • He has been brought up to show that he was ashamed of his father, that brought up to say ‘I never knew my father’ whenever he was asked. He never had a connection to his father, and now he does.
  • Father used Parvaiz’ name, Prarvaiz threw away his name as soon as he could
  • “Why does the son of Abu Parvaiz seem to know so little about his father” (pg 128)
  • ‘he’d grown up knowing that his father was a shameful secret’ (pg 128)
  • ‘the secrecy had lived inside the house too.’ (pg 128)
  • ‘your women. Parvaiz turned the phrase in his mouth… He liked how it felt.’¬† (pg 132)
  • “Isma’s right, you know. It’s time for you to grow up”


Other notes:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PpX_O4sXpZQZ1WeSlAgFgMH3p5_OdnRKVkUsPp8Ttvc/edit?usp=sharing

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