Project Week Reflection

Thursday, 3rd December 2020

Project Week Reflection

Project week was a trip that my friends and I were planning to go on as part of the IB CAS curriculum. We had planned to go to rafting in Nepal. The planning process was a bit complicated, we had a few challenges as a group with working together. We allocated jobs to each other and had a small deadline, which we believed would be an efficient way to work. Unfortunately, there were a few people in the group who never did the work we assigned to them, and it was making it hard to make decisions, and wasting the short time we had as a group to plan. We decided to reallocate the jobs to different people, and in the end, we got the jobs done.

We had an itinerary for the week and a detailed budget, and we were constantly checking in with our supervisor.

We were having a bit of trouble with other groups as project week groups going to the same country/place were not allowed on the same flight, and we are having a bit of trouble finding flights in the budget and at the right time. The flight times and prices were also fluctuating on the airline websites constantly, proving it difficult to make a decision early on.

As a group, we were quite excited to go on this trip, that we had designed ourselves (with help from our supervisor and teachers), however, unfortunately, all the trips got cancelled due to COVID-19. We were quite disappointed, having worked on the planning process for so long, and having the effort seem to go to waste. However even though we didn’t go on the trip, the planning process was interesting, and I, personally, learnt a lot about budgeting, and what goes into planning a trip, and I am such that these skills will be useful in the future, for both me and the rest of my group.

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