ELP – Compilation of Goals for Paper 1

Wednesday 17th February 2020


  • I need to write more in the time frame, often don’t get to a conclusion.
    • Time Management!
  • I need to unpack my ideas in more detail, unpack the quotes in more detail


Things to remember:

  • Conceptualising – thesis, topic sentence, bigger ideas, the writer explores….., shows understanding about what the text is about
  • See the word, not the individual trees – patterns – don’t focus on everything you see in the text individually, group ideas together.
    • In Bilston’s poem, he references the rhyme scheme, enjambment and metaphors. Could say: Bilston satires the feature-spotting approach to poetic analysis by ironically identifying the rhyme scheme and other common literary techniques. (topic sentence for a paragraph)
  • Form awareness, poem/prose/stage directions
  • Precise, formal register
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