CAS – Conversation with Classmates – LO7 & LO8

4th June 2020 Here is a conversation that a few classmates and I had this morning about our CAS Experiences. ————————————————————————————————————————— We took our questions from: LO7 Global Significance  = Engaging with issues of global importance What did I learn about this issue? Why is this a significant issue? How have my actions had a […]

Atonement Chapter 10 Notes

Friday, 15.05.20 I am doing Jane Austen’s Persuasion for my EE and I did Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for my group reads. I am also re-watching the tv show version of Pride and Prejudice with my mum. (There is also a reference to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey at the beginning of the […]

06.03.20 – Chapter 5, Home Fire

06.03.20 Chapter 5 of Home Fire, Thoughts on Parvaiz What we know about Parvaiz  Chapter 5 (page 115) Present-day Parviaz is confident, He has changed his name and rejected his identity. “I am not Parvaiz anymore.” Flashback Parvaiz is insecure, not confident about his abilities, affected by his family’s opinions about him and their expectations. […]