My experience in Green Umbrella GC for the past 2 seasons

As this service went on and I kept developing ideas for our plastic press with my peers in Green Umbrella, I came to realise that I have started to enjoy not only working with my friends to work towards an effective and efficient solution, but also the feeling that I know these ideas will either directly be implemented in the school at Cambodia or at least help the future of the GC to further develop the ideas. I get inspired everyday to help those at Green Umbrella because as a part of the GC it is my duty to help them.  I aim to work as hard as I can to aid them so they can get the education they deserve. I believe that the right to education is a basic human need and I want to try my best to help bring that right into the lives of those who may not get as many opportunities as I do. By helping the school out in the areas that they have requested us to, I believe that I am helping them in the ways that I can from so far away.

Since I will be going to the GC for project week, I have decided that I will step up and help more for the GC now. As I plan ahead with the teachers, other students in the GC and the Green Umbrella school as well, I aim to get a list of things, apart from the plastic press that I have been working on, that we can help with when we reach the school for project week. By getting a head start on what we need to do, we can make a plan accordingly and fully utilise our trip for helping the people at the GC.

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2 thoughts on “My experience in Green Umbrella GC for the past 2 seasons

  • May 8, 2018 at 12:23 am

    I think that it is really good that you have chosen to develop your connection with your GC by visiting them during project week. By visiting them, do you think that it will be really beneficial?

    • May 8, 2018 at 12:34 am

      Thanks for encouraging me for this trip! Yes, I do believe that it would be beneficial not only for the school we are helping out, but also for ourselves as a group, as individuals as well as for the GC back here in school. We will be gathering first hand data for the GC as well as teaching the students there and researching about ways to help them attain their goals as a community. As a group and as individuals I think that we will learn to be more considerate and be more sensitive towards these students and we will build on our collaboration skills to help these students.


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