Ending the Extended Essay – Final Reflection

I think overall my method could be improved to make the results more reliable. Given the surprising randomness of my results, I had to connect the dots on my own using a simulation but by doing this I learned so much more about the situation and I feel like my knowledge on the topic deepened. I learned from the simulation that its good to take a step back to get perspective to push myself two steps forward. Once I started to try to connect the model to the simulation I found myself observing the simulation until such time it hit me that there are standing waves. Those never occurred to me. I also realised that I should have prioritized the quality of data over the efficiency of the method.  If I could do it again I would time myself better so I have more time to collect the data, I’ll try to minimize the impact of interferences within the system and try to take measurements at smaller increments as well. This could help collect more reliable data which can lead to observing a stronger pattern. I would also use different frequency ranges for different speakers, to see a more real-life application. Even though the results were random, I believe that through the scientific method, this experiment can be improved upon and brought closer to the real-life situation using more advanced setups and apparatus. Therefore, I believe that the results could be more fruitful and we can learn more about actual surround sound systems. In order to extend it even further, I would even like to explore the areas that weren’t observed before.

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