Pre-season Softball

Sports have never been a strength of mine but I still enjoy playing them regardless. I have always enjoyed softball even though I might not be the best at the sport. Even though I wasn’t fruitful in becoming part of the B team (mainly because the training session timings had collided with my service) I think that I have picked up a few skills that have helped me understand what is important in sports. Dedication is one of these qualities. I had to wake up at 5 every Tuesday and Thursday but I had fun in softball practice which made up for it. I had the motivation to get up and start playing everyday. Although I probably won’t be able to use the skills I developed in the process because they were so specific to softball, I aim to remember that proud feeling I had when I knew that I woke up early and worked hard. I think that I can use that to motivate myself to workout and exercise in general for my own health and make time for it. I realise that it helps to do any activity with friends because it provides the push you need to go that extra mile.

Even though I unfortunately wasn’t chosen for the team, I believe that on the bright side, at least I learnt the value of giving that extra effort and I have gotten a newfound appreciation for doing activities with friends. I am about to start my own fitness club next season and I would like to remember these thoughts when I pursue it so that I can pass the same motivational spirit to those in the activity. I hope that this activity will also give me the motivation to do some exercise myself too.

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