Maths and Me

Reflecting on IGCSE Maths and looking ahead to Grade 11 HL Maths.

In IGCSE, I completed the Additional Mathematics course as well as the Extended Maths course. I think that my grades for these exams represented my knowledge and application skills well.

Normally, I associate maths with two main feelings which are satisfaction, when l complete a difficult question or finally understand a topic, and frustration when I have been struggling to understand how a method works or other concepts. However, I feel that when I am frustrated, I am able to pause for a little while and come back with determination to look at the difficulty with a new perspective.

I am currently starting IB HL Maths. Although I am inevitably apprehensive about this course due to opinions that I have heard that it is very difficult, I am also excited to learn new topics and see how I can expand my mathematics knowledge.

Generally, I prefer it when someone explains concepts to me; however, I also need to be able to work out solutions by myself sometimes so that I can fully understand the topic. In the past, I have found that when I am stuck on a question, it is good for me to restart that question using a different method. If I am stuck on a topic, going through the textbook usually helps me.

I think that my biggest strength in maths is my persistence as if I don’t understand something, I will find ways to help myself. In Grade 11, I am working towards developing more self-discipline as I do not always do maths consistently. However, I have set aside time each week to dedicate to doing maths so that I can practice to become better and improve my self-discipline.

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