Theatre Collaborative Project Reflection Week 1

Group members: Lydia, Jasmine

This week, we explored the themes of the control of technology over humans and the issues with perfectionism and utopianism. We decided that we wanted to show a dehumanisation of our characters into a robotic, emotionless state where everything is perfectly planned and intentional. Our piece would be a transition from spontaneous humans to highly controlled, monotonous beings. We want our piece to provide an open interpretation for the audience and so instead of showing a breakdown in our characters trying to maintain perfection, we want our piece to end right before the supposed ‘breakdown’.

We want to use design elements to create a space where our performance takes place and a highly engaging setting so the audience can feel this happening for themselves.

We have been researching quotes, photos and artwork to use as stimuli to help us create our piece.

This image was particularly impactful as it shows someone consumed by technology, becoming a robot.

In this quote, we realised that perhaps monotony could be caused by people who don’t want to or don’t have the chance to choose things for themselves. Instead, everything has to be meticulously and carefully planned.

This quote gave us ideas about how monotony is very repetitive, which is an idea we could use in our piece.

This gave us ideas about repetition as well as perhaps synchronicity as it describes a lack of variety and so maybe all of our characters could start as very different and diverse and slowly converge into a very similar person. The actions we do could also slowly start to lack variety and we end up doing the same movements over and over again.

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