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G12 U19 Pre-Season Netball and FOBISIA Tournament

During season 2, UWCSEA had the opportunity to take part in the FOBISIA Netball Tournament held in Dulwich College Singapore. As this is an off-season tournament, the team was selected based on the pre-season training sessions.

As I had surgery done on my ankle during the summer, I hadn’t played netball for many months, and so, I needed to find a way to re-develop my netball skills before the tournament. I had trouble regaining my previous level of play in the beginning. I believe my determination to train with a more focused attitude helped me to perform better during gameplay during the tournament.

In previous years, I have taken on a leadership role within the team, being captain and leading some training sessions. This year, I hope to maintain a leadership role within the team although I will focus more on re-developing my skills.

Tabitha Mid-year Reflection 2019-2020 (LO3)

This year in Tabitha, our goals vary greatly from our goals last year, which was to raise money in the hopes of planning a Tabitha Housebuilding Project Week trip. This year, however, since the majority of us are in Grade 12, with the exception of two members, our goal is to raise awareness of our GC within the school and develop our GC Portfolio in hopes of attracting new members next year.

At the start of the year, we planned our activities and goals for this year based on our members, knowledge from previous years, and investigating ways that we can attract new members. Therefore, all of our sessions have been focused on this goal. We plan to launch new events for Tabitha during mentor times to increase awareness about our GC for a targeted audience (GCSE students). In this way, we are looking towards the sustainability of our GC in the long-term by emphasising our awareness-raising on younger members of our community

U18A Volleyball end of season reflection

This season ended with my first SEASAC tournament, held in UWCSEA Dover. When the season started, I set goals for myself and my team, surrounding growing confidence in my abilities and developing a bond within my team.

I definitely believe that I have become more confident in my passion for volleyball as I managed to make many new friends in the team and improved my volleyball skills. The most notable part of being the team this season for me was developing my passion for volleyball as I now know that I want to continue playing at university.

Although SEASAC was the first and last SEASAC tournament I will participate in, it has made me more excited to continue volleyball and develop my skills and teamplay.

Extended Essay Reflection 3

Something I wish I had done at the start of my EE process is conducted more in-depth research about the broader topic before trying to narrow my research question. I originally started with a specific mental illness I wanted to investigate in relation to the Theatre of the Oppressed but when I started my further research, I realised there were no studies relating the two narrow topics and so I had to broaden my research question again. This helped me as I was able to gain a wider understanding of the whole topic and choose the area within that which I was most interested in. In this way, being open about changing my research question really helped me to choose topics which I would both enjoy researching and find sufficient information on without the pressure of having to stay within the confines of a narrow topic.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers End of Season 1 reflection

As this is the first time in a few years that I have been involved in a smaller play (not a large musical), I loved the uniqueness and richness of the ensemble’s connections that were formed throughout the process. The opportunities we were given to create our own work within a bigger piece and understanding how everything connected together was very valuable as a cast member and it enabled me to develop my collaborative skills within a group of people that I may not have worked often with before.

Culturama 2019 End of Season Reflection (LO2)

This was the first year that I was involved in the Culturama show. As I have been involved in the Dance Showcase for the last few years, it was not an entirely unfamiliar experience for me. However, I did have to adjust to a different style of management and a different type of process than what I am used to. In this way, I developed my ability to adapt to new situations and understand the process quickly.

Dance Showcase 2020 Start of Activity Reflection (LO3 & LO5)

This year I have decided to be involved in the Dance Showcase committee again, this time as a co-chair instead of the chair. My focus will therefore mainly be shifting the responsibilities of chair to my co-chair Clarice, as she is in Grade 11 and will be able to carry on the legacy of the Dance Showcase next year when I have graduated from UWCSEA.

So far, we, along with our dance coordinator have planned the process for this year, building on my previous experiences from the past showcases and identifying areas of improvement.

I also plan to choreograph two dances with two other people, meaning that we will need to collaborate to divide our responsibilities and work together to choreograph and plan our dances.

Start of Volleyball Season (U18A)

This season’s goals

Personal Volleyball Skills: I want to focus on slowing down my sets so that I feel less rushed and the accuracy of my sets will improve. I especially want to work on putting more strength into my sets and pushing my sets to power further outside the court.

Personal Skills: This season, I want to feel more confident and have a stronger and more positive presence on the court to encourage my teammates as a setter.

Goal for the team: I would like the team to grow stronger together and understand how each other plays to encourage a stronger bond.

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