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G12 U19 Pre-Season Netball and FOBISIA Tournament

During season 2, UWCSEA had the opportunity to take part in the FOBISIA Netball Tournament held in Dulwich College Singapore. As this is an off-season tournament, the team was selected based on the pre-season training sessions.

As I had surgery done on my ankle during the summer, I hadn’t played netball for many months, and so, I needed to find a way to re-develop my netball skills before the tournament. I had trouble regaining my previous level of play in the beginning. I believe my determination to train with a more focused attitude helped me to perform better during gameplay during the tournament.

In previous years, I have taken on a leadership role within the team, being captain and leading some training sessions. This year, I hope to maintain a leadership role within the team although I will focus more on re-developing my skills.

U19 UWCE Netball Team End of Season Reflection (LO2 & LO5)

In the past two sports seasons, I have participated in U19 Netball pre-season and I was in the A team for the last season.

In pre-season netball, I was able to develop my netball skills such as shooting, passing, communication and versatility with different players for the upcoming sports season.

During the season, I was nominated as team captain, which was a new experience for me. This showed my dedication and experience in the sport over the time that I have been playing it as well as the ability to collaborate with and encourage others in my team. This meant that I needed to have lots of self-discipline so that I would be able to motivate my teammates. This experience also encouraged me to improve my netball skills which resulted in a better performance on court. Additionally, I learned and emphasised the importance of teamwork and collaboration which are essential for a team sport such as netball.