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LO 1 Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth

Economeast Magazine, if you could not tell by the title of the magazine, is a pun on the famous The Economist magazine. This is a student-initiated and lead activity. We do everything from writing the articles, finding sponsors for our magazine, to doing all the layout and design of our magazine. The group meets every Wednesday lunch throughout the whole year. During the first part of the year, all members must write an article about a subject of their interest that relates to business or economics. During the latter part of the year, we will start selling our newly published magazine.

This is my second year in the activity, I only had a chance to co-write one article last year due to the IGCSE exam study leave. This year I hope to be able to write two of my own articles. Through this, I aim to improve my writing skills, to be able to communicate effectively to a wider audience through my writing. I will also get to consolidate and improve on my research skills during the process of writing my article. My current strength and weakness is perhaps the conciseness of my writing, but this is also an obstacle since I find it harder to reach the word count. Brevity is a good thing, however, a problem we encountered last year was that although the articles were good and included all the necessary information, it is just too short. The picture ends up taking half the page or it results in an empty column. This year, for the writing aspect, I plan to establish a clearer and more personal voice in my writing and find new and interesting topics to write about. An indicator of success for this goal is perhaps my peer editors and magazine editors approving and positively commenting on my article.

Here is evidence for my article planning:

Another thing I do for Economeast is layout, using my graphic design skills, I along with a team design the entire magazine from scratch. This year, now that I have had more experience, I hope to be more creative and try new designs for the cover and interior of the books. As a layout team member, we need to manage our time well since the workload is not evenly spread throughout the academic year. The program we use also does not allow multiple devices to be editing on the same document, again emphasising on the importance of time management. This may become an obstacle later in the academic year when it gets busier. In the meantime, my team and I are still designing initial cover ideas to propose to the group. By the end of the academic year, our final product is the magazine.

This is the initial cover ideas slideshow that we, as the layout team, presented the rest of Economeast

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