Sunday Recycling Session

LO 6: Involvement with international projects (either locally, nationally, or internationally)

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Some questions answered in the video:

What did I learn about this issue? At the end of the session, we had a debrief and a presentation from the Buddha Tzu Chi team. From that, they showed us recent news about natural disasters around the world. This clearly reflects the climate change that is happening.

Why is this a significant issue? It is significant that we do what we can do now, because at this rate of temperature change, by 2100, it will be irreversible and this will change the ecosystems around the world, not only affecting us as humans but also other living things on the planet. 

How have my actions had a positive/negative impact on this issue? By recycling goods, we are helping to decrease the volume of things that goes into incineration. The burning of these items create undesirably gases that also contribute to global warming. The recycled goods makes the flow circular rather than linear, meaning the materials and resources are being brought back into the cycle and less gets wasted in incineration.  

How has my thinking about this issue changed as a result of my participation in this activity? Am I more open-minded, caring, principled as a result? Recycling is a not an extremely difficult task, anyone can easily get involved. I was manning at the metals section, there we separate metals into two main categories: aluminium and steel. Most of the metal trash we dealt with were aluminium cans. First we remove the can tab since it is recycled separately from the main body. To save space within the burlap sack, we crush the can to flatten it so that we also use less burlap sacks, again reducing consumption. This task was incredibly simple and definitely something we can incorporate in everyday life. Around Singapore, there are already pre-existing rubbish bins designated just for aluminium cans and we can definitely take a minute out of our life to remove the tab and flatten a can and dispose them in the correct bin, we can make an impact. This has made me become more caring. 

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