IFP: Graphic Note Taking

Today in IFP, we briefly discussed the role of social media, specifically twitter in peace building. To build on from our discussions, we utilised the technology and skills we had to reflect in a new form, something different from the typical written blogpost. I decided to go for option 3: Design a visual notes mural meant to express the ways IFP stretches you as a person and student. Here is my video below, since we were under time pressure, the video was not as good as it can be, but it still conveys the message.

My main responses were

  1. Communication: Not only verbally in discussions, but also through our blogposts and how we implicitly communicate via body language. For me, being a good listener was not hard, however, public speaking is a challenge outside my comfort zone.
  2. Collaboration: Through IFP, I am exposed to new ideas and perspectives thanks to the many opportunities to collaborate with people from my grade who I have never interacted with before. Sometimes different perspectives clashed with my own so I also have a chance to compromise and meet people halfway.
  3. Awareness: The topic that struck me the most was conflict, when we think of conflict, there is a natural instinct to link it to violence when there are many types that hits closer to home than we think. This can be, conflict within our school community, conflict between friends, and even inner conflict.
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