Kahaani: Initial

LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

LO 5  Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively

Kahaani is an annual Indian dance showcase held by Kolkata GC that features eight dances by students from grade 9 to 12. The performance will be held on January 25th 2018.

Aside from House dance, that I have just started this academic year, I have had no dance experience at all. The dance I was allocated to meets every Thursday lunch and our genre is Bollywood with a mix of hardcore. This year’s Kahaani tells a story of the visually impaired and how they live their lives, the aspect my dance focuses on is the “fighting”. Therefore, the moves in this dance are not as feminine but has fighter elements like kicking and punching. Our dance leader, Shawronna, mentioned that she drew some inspiration from dance workout videos, making this activity even more physical!

This dance is out of my comfort zone since I have never done something like this before. House dance was very different, the moves were harder but had more freedom as I am able to follow my own beat and decide on my moves, there are times where I had to improvise. Kahaani on the other hand, allowed me to work with others to ensure that we are doing the same moves at the same time. Other things also come into play like ensuring that everyone had a part and not block each other in the formation. I had to work collaboratively as a team with others to ensure great performance.

Skills such as trying not to block each other was very achievable with the help of mirrors. Other things such as moving in sync was harder and required more practice. The more practice we had, the more in sync we got which made the overall dance look better. The timing and synchronisation will be an indicator of improvement. Collaborating and communicating with my fellow dancers only helped the dance improve. Our dance leaders have always supported us through practice, they also ask us for our input, asking us which moves was easier or looked better.

Practicing every lunch will contribute to helping me maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Learning new moves each time adds to the complexity and improve my stamina, to be able to dance for a longer duration without being tired. Below are some videos from the dance in chronological order, personally, I can see the improvement with the cleanliness of the moves and in sync.

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