EE: Initial Reflection

Through research, I knew that sugar was an interesting industry due to the constant change it faces from taxes on sugary beverages, subsidies on biofuel from sugar cane to laws regarding the minimum distance between sugar mills. I had access to primary data and since it is a commodity, finding secondary would not be too difficult either. One problem I faced was that there was a lot going on in this industry that I did not know how to phrase my research question and which areas to put emphasis on. After meeting my supervisor, Rob, he helped me refined my ideas and research question, as well as write a brief outline of the contents and which parts of the syllabus it corresponds to. After that meeting, I also started compiling articles to use as secondary resources to broaden the scope of my EE and constructing a questionnaire for a business analyst of one of the sugar firms in Thailand.

Word Count: 159

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One thought on “EE: Initial Reflection

  1. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for posting your reflection. What an interesting topic! I’m curious to know where you will go with this. What are your next steps? What do you need to do in order to research this further? What did your supervisor suggest? Do let me or your supervisor know if you have any questions.
    In future, please place the word count for your reflection at the end of your paragraph. Thank you!

    Good luck!

    Queen EE

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