Arts Club: Initial

LO 1 Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth

LO 3 Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Arts Club is a student-led activity and as implied by the name, we do art. Although we have student leaders, members of the club have freedom to plan our own project. In the first session, everyone brainstormed ideas to what they want to do and achieve in this activity and we took these ideas to a vote.

In the beginning, we are doing our “personal” project first. My group has chosen the cardboard city. This is planned and executed by group members with the guidance of the student leaders. In the first week, we talked about the logistics such as the size, material, and design. We also produced a few mock ups from scrap paper for better visualisation. Since this project is big in size, we would like to minimise new material usage in other areas. Therefore, we all agreed to bring in boxes and packaging that we no longer need and use them as buildings. In the second week, we laid out the plan: which buildings go where? what design is going to be on each one? is this building over powering or blocking?

Everyone in the group has a different background, some of us only took art at IGCSE, some are still taking art, some took art back in middle school. We all have different set of skills and expertise that we bring to the group. My area of interest in art is graphic design so the designs on my building are probably going to be designed using adobe illustrator which will add nice variation to other people’s fine art styles. But I would also like to branch out into art that is more “hands on” such as painting, inking, and even collaging. I look forward to share my skills in graphic design while learning more about other people’s art styles and how I can replicate and adapt to my own.

In terms of planning, we are collecting boxes and other up-cycled items as we go. We have started doing the base of the city, we have a rough city plan with roads, parks, and a beach. The painting of the roads and the beach is almost done. Once the base is finish, we will be able to proceed with the building design.

Here is our Padlet:

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