EE: Interim Reflective Conversation 2

In order to make my research more in-depth, I narrowed my focus from Thailand to just Bangkok. Being from there, I have more personal engagement through the changes I’ve seen in consumption pattern over the years, and a better understanding of the demographic and context. Due to this change, my secondary reasearch became more successful as more information and data are readily available. This also made primary research more feasible as I will not have to collect samples from other provinces. However, my primary research was unsuccessful due to lack of responses. My supervisor asked me to change the structure of my EE. Initially, the sections were divided according to solutions, but that does not directly answer the research question. To make it more coherent and relevant, I am changing it to stakeholders. Not only does it fit better with the economic theory of Market Failure, but it also allows more analysis and judgement to be made.

Word count: 156

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