EE Viva Voce

Reflecting upon my EE, one point to note is that the scope was too big to as deep of a research as I would have liked. If I were to narrow my location to the CBD, I would have a better command of the primary research as the stakeholders will be more limited. I also wish I used more of my primary data, I often felt the results were obvious and aligned with my predictions therefore it was sometimes neglected. More analysis could have been done with the primary data. However, the research process allowed me to develop transferrable critical thinking skills regarding my sources and their reliability.

In hindsight, there was also too much focus on tax, perhaps it was due to the fact it corresponded most to an economic theory. This meant the analysis of other policies were compromised, making my argument less balanced. One advice for prospective students is to ensure the scope is focused so that in-depth research and analysis can be conducted as context is key.

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