Fixed and Growth Mindset

The difference between fixed and growth mindset is in the attitude. Do you question? Do you try to improve because you want to, or because you have to? Do you challenge yourself? Do you think about how you can work to be better? Is this linked to our emotions?

I have a larger fixed mindset for Math than I do for my other subjects. Why? Because I no longer enjoy the class as I did when I was younger, and because I am not as good as it as I once was. While I still complete the assigned works and listen to the lessons, I don’t put as much effort and concentration as I should. Even if I don’t let the grades slip completely, I let the frustration when I don’t understand things come up quicker than it would for other subjects.

I have a larger growth mindset for my other subjects, especially English and Psychology, because those subjects often grow with time. Writing essays and analyzing texts become much easier once you have done it over and over, and you develop a certain way of thinking that helps support you. You listen to the teachers comments on how to improve and you find yourself thinking deeper about the subject and about your own work.

For my sciences, Biology and Chemistry, I go with the understanding that even if the topic is not immediately clear, it will be. This is driven by the scientific and logic behind both subjects, strongly tied to facts and data. Even if you do not immediately understand, you can if you try. There is reasoning, unlike English, you do not need to come up with the answers yourself, merely know why the answer applies the way it does.

Growth mindset comes easier when I want it to. When I want to improve because I enjoy the idea of improving, because I’m driven by curiosity and passion.

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