HS Sonos: Introduction to Choir

For my main aspect of Creativity, I chose to participate in HS Sonos, one of the two main UWCSEA choirs, despite there being no requirement to have a year long creativity commitment. I previously participated in choir in two schools, and really wanted to continue with it when I moved here. Even though I take two sciences, and therefore do not have the ability to take any of the fine arts, I enjoy visual arts and music and wanted to be able to continue some form of art in addition to my studies. One of my friends in HS Bersama recommended that I try HS Sonos if I was interested in doing choir throughout the year.

Choir for me is really fun, an opportunity to sing together with friends and share that passion with others. Through choir, I’ve improved in not only singing, but in also working together and getting to know the different choir members to produce even better music. I hope to do that here as well, because it is an unfamiliar choir. This will be one of the challenges for me, my choir was much smaller, and comprised of many of my friends even outside of choir.

Collaboration is a really key part of choir that differentiates it from solo singing because the sound produced still needs to sound like it comes from “one” person even though there are many. You need to find a singing group within the choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) which then split into further groups. Once you find the group that you are in, you need to apply that to the individual people in that section, because each person has a different voice, and some voices complement each other better than others. This makes being new or unfamiliar a little bit difficult. I met the other girls in the Soprano section, and was able to talk with them a little bit about the way that things were done in this choir. I’m hoping that I’ll soon find my place with them and the other members, and that we’ll start learning some songs.

Goals for the Year:

  • A smaller scale goal: Get to know the other girls in the Soprano section and some of the other people in choir.
  • Another small goal: Have fun and practice singing.
  • A bigger goal: Learn new music and be able to perform the music from memory.
  • A big goal: Participate in a major choir performance/workshop/event, such as High School AMIS Choir.


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