Science Society Science Fair Project

Since the beginning of Science Society, we’ve transitioned from learning about new science topics and concepts to helping plan and produce projects for the science fair that will be hosted in the new year. We began planning around the end of the October break and beginning of November period, and are currently halfway or so in the project.

Together with a few other students in 11th grade, we’ve decided to focus on The Effects of Antifungal Medicine upon Fungal Infections. Since we’re a mix of students who take Biology and Chemistry, we wanted an option that would be interesting for all the members of the group. Unlike some of the other groups, we’re choosing a more “theoretical” approach that doesn’t involve experimentation. Instead, it will be more of a research focused project that allows us to learn more about medicine and the effects from other studies that have been conducted. We all agreed that with varying schedules and other factors, carrying out an experiment wouldn’t be the most practical or fulfilling way to explore our topic.

In the past meetings, there have been lots of steps to initiate the projects and beginning to prepare for the necessary items. So far, our group has decided on a title, aim, and theory to research. We’ve began some preliminary research needed and written out a schedule of when tasks should be completed by.

We’ve finalized our Aim: To compare and contrast how different antifungal medicines affect fungal infections.

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