PSE: Looking Forward to Grade 12

How are you going to make Grade 12 a successful, fulfilling experience for you?

I think it’s important to start preparing as much as I can over the summer. I feel that grade 12 requires a larger amount of time management with higher stakes if certain things aren’t met, so finding time over the summer to incorporate review from grade 11 information and pushing to complete CAS reflections, Extended Essay research and writing, work for IA’s, notes, university essays and application requirements, and study for things like SAT become quite crucial. However, I also believe that grade 12 is quite important because it is the last year of high school, and enjoying the different aspects of being in high school is also my priority. I want to continue in my various extracurriculars and participation in large school events, such as Culturama or Kahaani, because that’s a good way to show school spirit. I think it’ll be a fulfilling year if I can successfully mix my academics with enjoying my school and social life. It’s important to not lose the good in the bad.

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