Viva Voce – Reflective Conversation 3

Once I began researching, I discovered various factors influencing the prevalence and manifestation of depression that were not explored in my essay. While I feel my cognitive theories of depression were strong, I did not use any sociocultural theories or biological theories to support my gender-based differences (E.g. the 5-HTT gene or gene-cultural evolution theory). However, I think the addition of these theories with the given word count would have spread it too broadly, and that deeper analysis to these additional factors would only have been achieved if these factors were written with a greater word count. I feel satisfied with my overall approach, particularly in the research process. I found myself making connections between the different methodological processes, and that these connections allowed for deeper cross-critical analysis and more well rounded explanations. Using psychological theories against biological studies strengthened both the generalizability and applicability of the conclusion formed. While I was able to form a conclusion regarding genders effect on SSRI efficacy, I was unable to truly determine a cause and effect relationship, leaving me with the final question: If a wider extent of sociocultural, biological, and cognitive factors were explored, can a new conclusion be formed?

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