Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean poet and performer. She started writing at a very young age and kept a journal, where she would write her feelings in the form of poetry. However, she faced a lot of problems growing up. She felt like she didn’t fit in anywhere. Her grandparents spoke “Ncholu Manyala” (I think that’s what it’s called). Unfortunately her father and his siblings distanced themselves form that language, so when Deborah was growing up, she felt disconnected with India. She even went to jail. Writing in poetry style was a way for her to release all her feelings. Hearing all this made me realise that life may be the way it is for each of us on purpose. That we need to experience all the good and bad things that have happened in our lives to help shape who we are. During the talk, she was asked by someone what advice she would give her younger self. Her answer was, she wouldn’t give any advice. She felt like she needed to face all those tough experiences in order to evolve.  To become the type of person she is. She’d tell herself that “it’s ok. It’s only not ok when we believe it isn’t.” So no matter what your going through, hearing her words made me realise that your experiences might be necessary to help shape the person you will be. It also made me realise that after every tough and hard time’s your going through, it won’t last forever. You’ll eventually get through it and everything will be ok.

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  1. Your insight into her session sounds like you took away some really important life messages from her talk. Do you think this experience will change certain things you do or influence your actions in any way?

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